Welcome to My Chronicals

Welcome to my chronicals, where I will be documenting my journey with chronic pain and chronic illness as well as a few other issues from my past and everything still to come. The reason I have decided to do this is because it’s been a long three and a half years of getting to the bottom of what is going on, and yet there’s still so much fight to go. There are people out there every day feeling this evil pain creep into their bodies and are not understanding what is going on. I know I was very confused when every day I felt a new part of my body was being taken over by muscles aches, debilitating pain, joint stiffness and burning aches that would just jump from joint to joint. If I can help anyone going through the same thing or provide any useful information to anyone trying to find out what is going on, then I have succeeded in telling my story. I trust that while I continue this journey I will find everything that is going on, find a treatment that works and finally feel better. I know some days that is easier said than done. If I can’t make myself believe that, then I would lose all hope, and that is not an option. With my two amazing boys and a wonderful husband to share my life with, I need to get better for myself and for them. These last years have been very trying, tiring, frustrating and just hard. As more time goes on, more symptoms begin, more health problems come up and less treatment options are available as they were already tested and failed. These last three and a half years have been the most difficult to get through. Every day feels like an eternity with every minute in pain feels like hell. The only thing that keeps me going is my husband and my kids. Living in constant pain while trying to pretend you are ok is torture. To most I may look fine because I still smile and laugh because if I didn’t, what life would this be? As time goes on, you have no choice but to try to hide how bad you feel and try your best to continue living. Some days it’s unbearable to hide it anymore and so we hide at home trying to get ourself functional again to get back out there and begin another day. The fight must continue and I will fight until I get back to functioning to where I can enjoy the rest of my life. I hope to one day be writing about how I made it there.. but until then, welcome to lizchronicals ❤️

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